Scratch-off Travel Map® Love World


Travel Map® Love World is a scratch map of the world with soft pink accents.💗

Choose the country you want to visit, go on a trip and remove the pink scratch-off coating from the places you have visited after returning home. 

You also can learn how to confess your feelings in 30 languages ​​and play Instagram «LOVE GAME», where you will find out who you are in a relationship.

The map will be a great gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend or a couple who loves to travel.


  • the phrase «I love you» in 30 languages
  • Instagram game LOVE GAME
  • stickers for tracking the route on the map

Discover the whole world with TRAVEL MAP LOVE WORLD and share your romantic mood with your significant other! ✨

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Pink blush scratch map of the world

Amazing design

Travel Map Love World is a designer map of the world with a pink scratch. Under the scratch-off layer, you’ll find all shades of pink.

In the legend of the card you will find the phrase «I love you» in 30 languages and a QR code with the Instagram game «LOVE GAME».


Great Package

Travel Map® Love World is packed into a stylish designed tube, which protects your Travel Map from damage and solves the problem of how to pack your present. Also the tube can be used to store small items.


  • Map dimensions — 60×40 cm / 23,6 х 15,7 inches;
  • tube dimensions — 45×7 cm / 17,7 х 2,7 inches;
  • material – laminated paper;
  • language – English.

What's Inside

  • sticker set for the map, notepad or notebook.

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